Hand Painted Fabrics by O’Saunders

Last weekend was the African Fashion Week Nigeria 2016. We got to attend with cameras on stand by to capture some of the interesting designs on the runway. One of the collections which caught our attention was from O’saunders- a Nigerian designer who literally hand painted her fabrics.

We seem to be embracing an era of artistic intuition with the likes of Laolu Sebanjo who has won the hearts of many with his hand painted shoes that got him a Nike endorsement and a feature in Beyonce’s lemonade. It is that love for art that appealed to our senses as we watched the collection by O’Saunders.

The designer poured out her creativity in each fabric that she put out on the runway. While a few people who watched the show with us felt that the designs could have been better, almost everyone loved the theme of her designs and were in absolute love of her fabric.

I particularly love the versatility of the fabric and can see it being in worn to just about any kind of event including a formal occasion. Even better is the fact that it is very unique and would take a lot to bump into someone pulling off the same look as yours to the same event.

Here are some of her designs that we love:









Which look is most appealing to you?



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Author: Oma Ehiri

Oma Ehiri is a writer, a blogger and a media consultant. She is the online manager for a couple of brands, the media brand ambassador for VEBA, an European Textile Company and a Junior Manager with a Talent management company. Oma is inspired by life, thrilled with planning activities and loves to travel. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @oma263 and you can visit her blog, www.sotectonic.com

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