Know Your Brands: 1805 Ministry

When you live in a country where the humidity is really high, the tendency to make hats your must have fashion accessory is high. This is what led us to the discovery of 1805 Ministry, an indigenous fashion brand which recently launched its line of snapbacks and base ball hats in Nigeria.

1805 Ministry is a versatile fashion brand set to carve a niche in the fashion industry with their diverse range of uniquely designed and crafted fashion items and accessories. Founded by Muyiwa Shoyombo (JR.), the brand was established out of an innate passion and thirst for cutting edge quality. According to the founder, the brand seeks to design products that are unique and can stand alongside other international fashion brands.

The mission of the brand is to preach the Gospel through fashion, thus the name 1805 Ministry. Some of these products include:

Base ball hat

This hat seems to be a  really special one with the dual functionality of being able to absorb sweat and yet in cold weather conditions, it keeps the head warm.

Black & Blue Snapback

This has a double layer sweat band and is said to be able to absorp sweat.

Velvet Dust Bag

This is basically a carrier for the hat as it absorbs moisture from the hat and keeps it dust free.
For more information about: 1805 Ministry
Phone No: 07083435660
Instagram: @1805.ministry


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Author: Oma Ehiri

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