Accessories: The Men’s Edit

Picking the right accessories as a man is quite a task- one that can be difficult to shop and in some cases could cost a lot. In order to help you with your next shopping date, we decided to put a list out here that gives you not just the basics but possible African stores that make these items or at least, stock them.


On a sunny day, this helps to shield the eyes from the strong rays of the sun but beyond a sunny day, it could be a stylish accessory. DAPMOD seems to be getting it right in that area.


and threads

This C Squared Diamante Cap lapel pin adds some swag to every man. It adds a stylish top to the suit and is made available by a South African company called & THREADS.



Some say that the first thing anyone notices about a man is his tie. That truth differs to many but whatever the case, start with solid colours that have the right length and aren’t too wide. You can shop a few from Tie Mart.



Fancy stretching your hands out for a shake and your cuff links gets spotted? This could be an ideal conversation starter. We love these ones we found on ETSY.



As a man, go for bold straps or chains and keep the face round. SWATCH has a few picks for men.


125103 Exotic1

No matter how low the budget is, belts are the accessory that needs you to splurge on as they are your almost everyday accessory. Go for quality and start with black or brown with a good buckle head. South African based company, SADDLER BELTS will spoil you with choices.



This is one overlooked piece of accessory yet so important to the protection of the feet and the overall look of your outfit. We recommend colours that go with your outfit and maybe you want to stick to knee length as opposed to ankle length. Check NIC HARRY for all the colours you want.

Snap Backs


There is a snapback for every season and we found one very versatile one from 1805 MINISTRY.

Back Packs


Men have gradually embraced backpacks as opposed to suitcases. You too can join the trend with any of the cool designs from COZ DESIGNS




Every modern man loves a bracelet. They should complement the watch and not outshine the watch. Thus, we recommend that you keep the straps or chain small and simple. You can these custom made ones from TIMI BRACELETS.

Did we leave any out? Let us know what your go-to accessories for men are. 


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Author: Oma Ehiri

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