The STLYVO Guide To Getting Important Basics For Your Wardrobe

We are currently in a fashion era that is dominated by different designers influencing different trends on a daily basis. Getting lost in these trends results in spending good amount of money on pieces you might never wear more than once or at most twice!

Here, I am to preach the ever reliable gospel of basics.

What are basics? People might have different definitions to the term basics but in my own words, basics are simply pieces that can be styled in many different ways depending on the occasion to suit one’s personal style and needs. Due to their versatility, they are essential in any wardrobe.

What are the basics?

  • White button down shirt: The white button down shirt
  • T-shirts (black, white, grey): The importance of a good t-shirts is underestimated.
  • Structured blazer: I have been saved by a structured blazer one too many times to not have it as a recommendation. For the days you feel like rocking a casual tee and denim, throw on a structured blazer and watch your outfit transform into a more sophisticated look. They can also be used to dress down an outfit, think about those times you have the perfect dress on but you don’t want to come off as overdressed at the office party. The key to buying the right blazer is knowing and understanding your body type and the fit it requires.
  • The LBD: Are you really a girl if you don’t own a little black dress? This piece can literally be worn everywhere and be paired with everything!. Pair an LBD with stilettos, and a structured blazer for that sophisticated look or dress down with a pair of sneakers and straw hat for brunch with friends. Either way, the LBD is probably one of the most versatile wardrobe staples ever!
  • Bottoms: I find that investing (yes, investing) in a good pair of dark blue and black jeans is necessary. It is important to note that one good pair of jeans is way better than 5 different pairs that do nothing for your silhouette and personal style. Personally, I set aside a considerable amount of money to invest in bottoms (nothing good comes cheap) to avoid the pain of constantly changing …… I opt for high waisted ones because they are the most flattering and are incredibly comfortable.
  • Black pumps:

Extra tip: Buying basics in black has many benefits: black never goes out of style, black pieces can be worn as often as you want, it compliments all body types, and serve as good canvases to mix and match other colours.  It is okay to make a worthy investment on these pieces as they form the basis of a stylish wardrobe.



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