The 5 P’s to Living with Purpose


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Are you one of those people who knows they have a purpose but always let's excuses get in the way of fulfilling said purpose?  Hi, My name is Stephanie Williams and I admit that I am a part of that community.  I wake up most days feeling empty. I watch other people from a distance fulfilling their purpose and crave the life they live. This made me restless, moody and generally unsatisfied with life.  I felt stuck. I wasn't living, I was just existing. I would go through people's pictures, videos etc and subconsciously try to live my life through them.

One day, I woke up and decided I do not want to be that person anymore. I do not want to base my reality by living virtually through other people's lives. I do not want to leave this earth without making a significant impression. I want to have a purpose. I want to make my dreams a reality. I want to set goals and achieve them. Most times, we are consumed with life's battles and so we tend to lose sight of our purpose. We are stuck in a crossroad of trying to make our dreams a reality and living in the imaginations of our dreams.

We battle with the fears of feeling exposed to the world, afraid that no one may understand your purpose and the fear of being judged or criticized allows us to constantly live in our own shadows.  I am no Expert, but these are ways i think we can work towards overcoming this dark feeling:


I know a lot of people may not be as spiritual or religious. But I believe that we need a higher power to guide us towards the path of fulfilling our purpose. I think as an individual, it is important to believe that there is a higher power outside of yourself and for me, that higher power is GOD. there are days when I have felt lost, days when I have felt empty and most especially days when I have felt like I had no purpose. But every time I prayed to God, I had this breathtaking feeling of peace that everything would be okay. Prayers give me an instant feeling of assurance that it is possible to make my dreams a reality. That even though my plan isn't what I 'want' it to be, God has a better plan for me. Trust me, it is easier said than done because there are days when I often wonder if God listens to me. Then certain things happen and I realize that he actually hears me.  I love that i was raised to believe that there is a God and trusting in him to guide you, makes everything you thought was impossible, is possible.  I encourage you to pray and promise that it will make a difference.


I personally think it is important to plan. I am a huge planner. I love things going a certain way so i love to plan. it is vital to set out goals and work hard towards achieving them. Get a daily planner, write out what you plan to achieve in a year and set out daily goals on ways you 'plan' to achieve them. It is good to be spontaneous and adventurous sometimes, but I also believe that planning your life will give you the satisfactory feeling that you are fulfilling your purpose when your goals are accomplished.  I Live for that refreshing feeling of achieving my goals for a day/month/year. Because I am convinced that I am not just existing but I am living and one step closer to living my dreams.


As much as I love to plan, I also procrastinate which is a BAD HABIT. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE.  every time you procrastinate, you are one step back from fulfilling your purpose.  Procrastinating is one of the reasons why you may feel stuck or lost. Always saying you want to do something but also making excuses and not actually doing it.  Don't be a talker, Be a DOER. Actively go through your to-do-list/daily planner and push yourself to get up and DO IT.  You will feel more at peace with life.


Vibes and Energy should be a key factor when connecting with people. Believe it or not, people who constantly have negative energy can leave you feeling lost and empty. You find yourself crawling into a dark hole because of the connections you surround yourself with. Choose to surround yourself with positive people. it really changes your mentality and gives you a better view on the world. Let your light and energy be that which is positive even when things are working against you. Make a conscious effort to reject negativity from entering your frequency and let the vibes/energy you exert be that which is positive to your surroundings.


Your thought process structures the way you live. Your mental state can either be a curse or a blessing to your existence. Change the way you think if it is that which is mostly dark/negative. Reading inspirational blogs/articles can help sharpen your thought process. Let your Mind explore the beauty that is life. Let your mental being be that which thinks/believes that even in your darkest days and at your lowest point, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

As one of my Favorite inspirational writer says: ' Life is Beautiful; It's not always going to be curated picture perfect moments, but there's beauty in that too'- @dulceruby

May the 5 P's highlighted above guide you towards finding your path to living your dreams and fulfilling your purpose.

Written by Stephanie Williams Hart


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