6 Smart Ways To Shop African Brands Online

When it comes to buying African brands, we very rarely think about going online to look for them. Save for the few that make an effort to be active on social media, there are a number of Afican brands many of us are oblivious of. because of this, we often find ourselves having to drive or walk all the way to a supermarket or drugstore in search of new products when we run out.

6 Tips for Shopping African Brands Online


  1. Know Your Brands

    Of course, before you even decide to go shopping, it’s good to have a genral idea of the brands you are looking for and what they have to offer. Look out for brands that are very active on social media as they tend to give a better feel of their products.

  2. Compare Prices

    The great thing about shopping online is that you can compare the prices of the item you want across various retailers. A good example of this is the Lime Crime Lipsticks. Now, these lipsticks are very difficult to get, and I can understand why they cost so much.┬áComparing prices on different sites allowed me to discover a particular retailer who sells them for N5000 each, while there’s another who sells tham at almost N11000.

  3. Join Mailing Lists

    Yes, I hate to get unnecessary emails too. However, newsletters from online stores sometimes contain juicy new releases and exciting discounts. Also, some stores require you to input your birthday when creating an account and they give you special birthday discounts. This is all in addition to the discount you get off your first order for signing up, of course.

    Read Reviews When You Can

    If you’re buying a product for the first time, look out for reviews. Sometimes, all these things are just for face value, to be honest. his is why it’s imprtant to find out what people who have used these products think. When shopping African brands online, it’s important not to get caught up in the hype. Take your time to see if it actually works so you don’t buy something and regret it later.

    Shop Discounts and Sales

    Some products can be very pricey, especially with this all-natural hype that’s really gathering waves now. When there are sales and discounts, you can definitely get a lot of products at cheaper prices. This mostly applies for fashion items though. Beauty products very rarely go on sale. Even when they do, it’s for a very short time. This is why signing up for newsletters helps.

    Always Read Shipping Policies

    The first thing I do when I stumble upon a new site is navigate to the shipping policies section. You always want to be sure you’re going to get your items, before you go on a shopping spree. Fortunately, a lot more sites are expanding their delivery regions, but there are still those that restrict shipping the base country.

  7. Buy From Retailers Instead of Brand Sites

    This is probably the most important thing to do when shopping African brands online. In shopping online, you have to think about shipping fees. If you’re buying multiple items from different stores, you will rack up quite a fee. There are some stores that have a bar for free shipping, but it doesn’t always apply for international shipping. It helps to just find one stockist retailer that has everything you want to buy.

Stockists Worth Checking Out

Fashion & Lifestyle

Mr. Price: You already knew I was going to start the list with this one. Mr. Price is possibly the greatest example of a stockixt of African brands online. Their clothes are good quality, available in various fits and sizes, and they deliver t a considerable amount of countries.

Zuvaa: If you’re more into African-nspired prints and styles, then Zuvaa is the perfect online retailer for you. Zuvaa works withn African designers around the world to create a market place where people can have access to quality clothing.

KISUA Africa: Kisua is a unique experience in shopping African brands online in the sense that they are retailers and designers. The clothes they sell are all created by Kkisua in collaboration with African designers. Good news is they ship globally. Bad newa, they sell only women’s clothing and accessories.

Beauty & Skincare

African Beauty Hub: This is one of the very few places where you can get a number of beauty products from several African brands. However, they currently only deliver to Nigeria.

Curl Mart: For the curl enthusiasts, you can get quite a range of African hair products from the curl mart at a range of prices. Best thing, they ship globally.

Feel Unique: For beauty products, Feel Unique is the ultimate online retailer. They have a vast number of brands that they stock,and you can sarch alphabetically or by category of product that you are looking for.

Azetori: Azetori is also a great destination for bath and beauty products. Based in South Africa, they stock local and foreign brands, and ship internationally.



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