What We’re Into: Woven Bags

There was a time when the sole purpose of a woven bag was to be used as a market basket. It didn’t matter what you were wearing or what color the bag was; all you needed was something to carry your purchased items in. Today, woven bags have evolved into a very welcome fashion trend.

Added to any outfit, a woven bag gives it a certain whimsical feel.Whether you’re going out to diner or going shopping or even to work, a woven bag can take your outfit from drab to glam. Besides the multitude of vibrant colors they come in and the variety of materials used for weaving these bags, what makes them such a huge trend is that they no longer come in just the basket shape that was so common in the past. Now, you can even get woven clutches.

Why I love woven bags especially is the fact that most of them are made from materials sourced by the creators themselves, and they are hand-woven.

It’s also exciting to see how brains behind the brands I’m highlighting today are directly involved with the creation process of their bags. Ethical fashion is getting bigger and bigger each season, and these people are definitely doing it right.

Woven Bags from Brands We Love


I first stumbled upon AAKS on instagram and it was love at first sight. I became a fan of this feed that told the story of a young woman – Akosua Afriyie-Kumi – so involved with the production of her bags, it’s hard to tell if she doesn’t actually sit down and weave them herself. The first thing that draws one to AAKS bags is the way she plays with colors and patterns. Akosua’s bags are woven by skilled women in the Northern region of Ghana, and the rafia used is sourced from farmer families. To avoid waste, leftover rafia from large bags is used to make smaller ones. You can buy AAKS bags here.

AAKS Woven Bags
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Ikavu is another brand that captured my attention because of the beautiful simplicity of their woven bags.Founded by a Kenyan and an American, the brand works closely with artisans in Kenya to create beautiful hand-crafted bags using Kenyan weaving techniques. Materials used to make the bags include sisal, baobab bark, and naturally tanned leather. The Ikavu bags have a more tribal appearance, and come in muted colors.I love their totes and baskets because of the neutral earth tones. I figure it’ll make them easier to pair to with almost every outfit. Ikavu also makes other accessories and you can shop their products here.

Ikavu Woven Bags
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Author: Coco Anetor-Sokei

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