AS-Eyewear: The New Eyewear Brand We are Loving



I honestly didn’t mean to alarm you but if I did I think it might have been worth it. Just read along, darling! Have you heard or seen Tosin Alexandriah Sho-Silva’s new line of sunglasses, AS Eyewear, floating beautifully across your timeline on instagram, twitter or facebook. Did you stop to look or you just scrolled past, if you didn’t do the former I don’t know if we can be friends, my title is for you and just for the sake of us being friends please go take one more look.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 10.52.08

When I saw it on my timeline I was like wait what? Is she serious? Did she just decide to bless us with this cuteness without warning? Does she know that this rates a 10 in a 0-10 scale of “fashion-genius”?. These questions came to me all at once and I am currently looking for how to get one posted to me before my patience runs dry. These sunglasses depict in reality my quirky floral-sunglasses dream. To find out more about this eyewear line, follow @as_eyewear on instagram and visit this link via her website and to purchase check out her depop, alexshosilva


If you are wondering who Alexandriah is and rolling your eyes due to my bad introductory skills, I apologise I know courtesy demands introductions and I am wrong for skipping such vital information. My ill-manner was as a result of excitement but here you go! Alexandriah is a fashion and design graduate who blogs about her personal style at To stay updated with Alexandriah, follow her instagram @tostos_


Stylvo loves the AS Eyewear line. Congrats Alexandriah!


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