Instagram Style Stars Rocking Our Current Favorite Style Trends

Every New Year, one of the things I am very enthusiastic about amongst so many others is Fashion Trends. I believe each person has a personal style that resonates with him/her for various reasons that are left said or unsaid. To me, this is the beauty of fashion. I find it very interesting that person A can wear a look that comprises of the same main item in a completely different way from person B. I’d say a round of applause to individuality and to those who are daring enough to dress as they please.

There is usually a wide misconception about following trends but I beg to differ because for me it is what makes our personal styles evolve. Seeing that we all have different personal styles my advice on trends is this:

Pick what suits your aesthetic
Pick whatever tickles your style fancy even in the slightest way
Go a different route every time you’re given the chance to play dress up
Make sure you are kind to your style imagination
Don’t tone it down as long as it makes you happy

I’d go ahead to mention our instagram crushes that are rocking our favorite style trends so far in 2016:

Off-Shoulder Tops – Lisa Folawiyo

A photo posted by lisafolawiyo (@lisafolawiyo) on Apr 22, 2016 at 11:46am PDT

Lisa is my top style crush! WHY? Because she wears whatever she deems fit and in the quirkiest of ways. You can’t help but love her style, starting from her fabulous shoe collection to her never-boring pants. We totally adore her in off-shoulder tops.| Website:

Transparent Shoes – Erykah Achebe

A photo posted by IJEOMA (@erykahachebe) on Apr 27, 2016 at 2:20pm PDT

I recently stumbled across Erykah’s page and I can’t still stop scrolling because she is cool like that. I feel like I found a new besty and I’d definitely find one word to describe her style in the nearest future, I promise. Ok now Futuristic just came to my mind. I think it’s her cool hair cut that brought that to mind. We love her transparent shoes! | Website:

T-shirt and a Slip – Aqeelah Harron Ally

Look at Aqeela in her adorable ensemble! She makes me want to buy all slip tops/dresses on site. When next you are out for brunch with friends, bring out out your favorite slip dress/top and pair it with a cool t-shirt and you are good to go! | Website:

Fringe Hem Pants – Fisayo Longe

A photo posted by Mirror Me (@fisayolonge) on Apr 17, 2016 at 9:52am PDT

Fisayo’s style is very diverse. Today she can be seen in a tomboy ensemble and in two days she’s a ladybird in her own design Kai Collective. We can’t wait for the official launch of her adorable collection. Feel free to sign up on for an exclusive launch day discount. We love Fisayo in her fringe hem denim pants. | Website:

Pyjama By Day – Crystal Casper & Palesa Mahlaba

A photo posted by The Duo Desk (@theduodesk) on Oct 26, 2015 at 8:07am PDT

How interesting is it that we can now wear clothes that were meant for the bedroom to where ever we want. That’s exciting because I am a firm advocator of loungewear. Doesn’t it remind you of comfort? We love The Duo Desk in their ‘Pyjama By Day’ look.

Culotte Shorts – Shelly Mokoena & Keneilwe Mothoa

Culottes have been in style for a while but the shorts version are back and better. Why does that sound like a Bryson Tiller song lol, I digress. But hey! We love this fantastic duo, Shelly and Keneilwa, of PrimeObsession in their absolutely stunning culotte shorts.| Website:

Bandana Chokers – Emma Jane Menteath

Emma gives me that cool Kendal Jenner vibe, you know the “never fussy, never trying too much” vibe, yeah that one! We love her bandana choker. | Website:



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