The Skirt Issue

The easiest way to pull off a chic look is to go for a skirt that flatters your body type. Irrespective of the style and the shape, what truly matters is the fit and the hemline which makes for easy styling. The first step is to do a realistic assessment of your size after which you determine the length of skirt that best flatters your legs. Once you have determined that, here are a few skirts that you can shop from African stores and African designers.

African Prints

ankara fusion1

bold prints_how to_stylvo 4 (Large)

African prints are making a bold statement in the fashion industry as even Western designers incorporate the African print in some of their designs. Using them to make skirts are one of the prettiest investments any lady can make especially when you get a great fabric with the right patterns. If you choose not to have them as a standalone, you can mix match them with a plain fabric or lace and in some cases, have them beaded.


Skirt by loft 324
Skirt by loft 324

This can be a little tricky especially when the floral patterns are bold and vibrant. This is why we recommend that you go with tops that have absolutely no details on them but complements the floral designs.

Body Con

Skirt by dpipertwins

These are body hugging skirts. They have been trending for a while now and won’t be leaving us anytime soon. You can go for multi coloured ones since it is the summer season and just do some colour blocking with them.


Skirt by Fruche

This is a must have for every lady’s closet. They seem more spring friendly but when you go with colours and switch it up like the Fruche skirt, you can make it work in the summer.


Skirt from Chic wish

There are a million ways to rock a wrap skirt. Just make sure that it is nicely wrapped and paired with the right shirts. Since Summer is in, keep them bold!


Skirt by Vivo Collection

We have fringe gowns and fringe tops and you know how playful they can be when you have them on. Same applies with fringe skirts. They are one of the few skirts that can go from Day to night.


Skirt by Loft 324
Skirt by Loft 324

With maxi skirts, you can play with the fabrics and just go with any of them that suits your mood best. They are comfortable and can be worn for just about any event. It all depends on how you dress it up or down.


Skirt by Titi Belo

They used to be zippers but with designers like Titi Belo, the fashion is changing and we are seeing more buttons than the zippers. They seem pretty gorgeous!


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Author: Oma Ehiri

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