The Essential Travel Must-Haves for the Stylish Man

Before you set out for vacation or maybe it is a business trip, it is very important that you have a check list to ensure that you have every necessary item. However, for our stylish men, you need to do the extra to keep that title. Here are the essential travel must-haves for our stylish men.

Mini Travel Bag


This is the travel bag that you take with you inflight and is likely to be with you all through the journey. It is in actual fact, a part of your travel accessory. Thus, you need to keep it as stylish as possible. We particularly love the one being trolled by Noble Igwe on most of his trips. If you can’t get that, find something of good quality and of great class.


Back Pack


While the mini travel bag contains most of the items, you need a back pack which you can cling to you while you sleep inflight. Items like your book, socks, phones, wallet, keys are best kept safe in your back pack.


Foot wear


Boots work well while travelling as they can go well with suits if they are not too casual. We recommend boots that are made of leather. If you have some extra space in your travel bag, then you can consider having loafers


While we like coloured socks on men, for travelling, it is highly recommended that you go for black socks but still keep them in the cotton family. 2 will be just fine so long as you remember to wash them before you go to bed.



While you may not need to have a suit in your bag, you certainly need a blazer to keep warm should the  weather begin to get cold or when those formal business meetings come up.



Whether they are your reading frames or for the sun, keep them stylish. We love the frames at Bôhten, Dapmod or Eyelanders.



This is very essential. Any stylish man smells good and you shouldn’t be an exception. Some good scents to check out are the Dolce and Gabbana Dessert Oud or the Velvetier, Boss Oud and the Boss Intense Oud.



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Author: Oma Ehiri

Oma Ehiri is a writer, a blogger and a media consultant. She is the online manager for a couple of brands, the media brand ambassador for VEBA, an European Textile Company and a Junior Manager with a Talent management company. Oma is inspired by life, thrilled with planning activities and loves to travel. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @oma263 and you can visit her blog,

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