How to Wear Bold Prints

Bold prints have got to be one of my favorite trends of all time. They bring out such a contagiously vibrant energy that is difficult to replicate. Many people mistakenly steer clear of big bold prints because they don’t know how to wear or pair them. Steer clear no more friends, because today we are tackling that issue head on with the do’s and dont’s of bold prints.


1. When wearing bold prints, do let the print take centre stage and pair it with something more subtle like a solid colour or introduce a more neutral element like denim.

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2. If you are feeling adventurous and want to pair print on print, match the big print with a smaller one, preferably of similar or like colours.

hot_to_bold_prints_stylvo (1)


3. Do rock that print and command attention like the total rockstar you are!

hot_to_bold_prints_stylvo (2)



1. Don’t go overboard with colors and accessories. Try stick to a color palette of 3 or 4. You’re not trying to look like a Christmas Tree right?
2. Don’t be scared to wear bold prints to work. As long as you incorporate them in an appropriate manner, prints add spunk and energy to your weekly work wardrobe (and maybe a little to your office too 😉)
3. How would you style bold prints? We would love to know! Leave your comments below.

Want some extra inspiration on rocking bold prints? Here you go!

bold prints_how to_stylvo 8


bold prints_how to_stylvo 2


how_to_bold_prints_stylvo (5)


hot_to_bold_prints_stylvo (3)
What’s your favorite way to wear bold prints? Tell us!


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Author: Meira

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