Street Style Inspiration from Sharon Mundia

For me, street style is everyday wear. Not like pyjamas or uncoordinated outfits, but outfits you can wear and look great in while you run errands around town comfortably. Sometimes, when I see people’s street style outfits, I feel a little bit confused about where exactly the style is in the outfit. With Sharon Mundia, it’s plain to see.

Sharon Mundia of This Is Ess is one of my favorite style bloggers because you can see so much of her personal style in all her posts. Whether she’s in a dress, or in jeans and a tee, the ultimate vibe is comfort. This is why I’ve compiled a few of her pictures to give a sense of what to shoot for when trying to figure out your street style.

Street Style Inspiration from Sharon Mundia

Sharon Mundia Street Style 1

Here, Sharon Mundia is keeping it cozy from top to bottom. Comfortable wear will always rank highest in my book. What’s better than being casual and comfortable, but still camera ready?

Sharon Mundia Street Style 2

This look just adds a little extra flair to a casual outfit. My favorite thing about this one is she actually uses a dress as a jacket.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 3

This is a clean, urban look. Street style can be classy, and edgy, and Sharon shows us exactly how to combine both with this look.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 4

I feel this look is a little bohemian, and give a bit of a gypsy vibe. Great for those who like to look a little dressy, but don’t really want to overdo it.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 5

Another one of my favorites. The contrast is brilliant in this look, and is really the first thing I noticed. Another positice of this loutfit is it can easily take you from day to night.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 6

This is such a clean, summery look. Another example of how street style can be classy and elegant. Alternatively, you can go without the blazer if you feel the weather is too hot for it.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 7

This one is for the edgy and/or col kids. You can switch up the footwear on this one for something that’s a little more your style. i’d probably wear this with sneakers or boots.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 8

A fun, flirty look like this will brighten up your everyday. I love dresses that are easy to wear and to move in.

Sharon undia Street Style Inpiration

First, I got a bit of a sporty vibe off this one, but it can also double as a preppy look without the jacket.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 10 Sharon Mundia Street Style 11

When in doubt, go monochrome. Sharon shows two ways to rock a monochrome look. The top is a little dressier, while the second look gives a more casual vibe.

Sharon Mundia Street Style 12

I love how three style elements come to play in this look, and work together to give a sports-chic vibe. Another one of my favorites. Best thing is the pop of colour the sneakers add.


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  • I definitely agree. When I buy and wear clothes, I like them to feel like they are an extension of me. I’m more cofortable that way, and I believe that goes a long way in making the clothes look great on me.