First things first, who is Stella?

A wife, mother, analyst and fashion blogger

Tell us a bit about how your blog came about and how long you’ve been blogging. 

In 2008 after graduating from Nursing School, I decided to start a blog as an avenue to share my love for fashion and style. My blog Jadore-Fashion was created as an avenue to express my love for fashion and style. Jadore-Fashion is a personal style blog that showcases my style evolvement.  It also gives you an insight to trends, runaway analysis and other inspiring styles and fashion from around the world.

What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a fashion blogger and what are some of the future goals for your blog? 

For me, getting approached by readers at different places and receiving emails from different people from all over the world about styling advice and letting me know how much I inspire them means a lot—that to me, is a great achievement. Also, I have to say my dedicated readers and the constant growth of my viewership. My goal is to continue to improve Jadore-Fashion beyond what it is today and to reach and inspire different audiences around the world.

Do you think African fashion bloggers are valued/well-recognized? What do you suggest could be changed? 

I do not think African bloggers are valued/well recognized for their role in promoting African fashion as much. I think the moment African designers start paying more attention to African fashion bloggers the more they can use it as a platform for expansion and creating more brand awareness. In my opinion, the African fashion industry should reach out to more fashion bloggers for collaborations.


Describe African fashion in 3 words 

Unique, daring and creative

Who are your favorite African designers?

Maki Oh, Jewel by Lisa, Deaola Sagoe

Have you partnered with any brands or fashion houses? If so how do you discern which brands you choose to work with?

Yes! Before working with any brand, I have to make sure that it aligns with my brand, image and my readers

What do you manage your time as a working mother and a fashion blogger? 

There are lots of sleepless days. There are some days that I have to set up my blog posts in advance or in the early AMs when everyone is asleep. I don’t mind having to get up an hour or two before work time to work on blog related activities. Also, I keep a schedule of things that needs to be done, but my family always takes priority.

What valuable lessons have you learnt from blogging and do you blog full-time? 

I don’t blog full time, but a lot of my time goes into blogging just like any job. I have learnt that consistency and dedication is very important with blogging.

Any word of advice to all the bloggers out there who look up to you and follow your blog? 

My advice to them is that they should do it because they love it and not necessarily because everyone is doing it or what they could gain from it. Blogging can be demanding and challenging; therefore, blog because you love what you are blogging about. Also, be open to continuous learning about fashion. In all, have fun with blogging. Consistency and dedication is very important!

If you were given the chance to dine with 3 people in the world and get advice from them, whom would you pick? 

Anna Wintour, Oprah Winfrey, and Nelson Mandela

What brand(s) would you love to work with?  

JCrew, Maki Oh, Jewel by Lisa, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Luisa via roma, Ann Taylor…just to name a few

What inspires you most in life? 

My Family & God


My country of origin is


I love my country because…

of its uniqueness

My dream vacation spot is…


My biggest dream in life is…

to be successful and inspire others

Fashion Week(s) I’ll love to attend is/are…

all fashion weeks NYFW, PFW, LFW MBFW Istanbul

Three fashion/beauty items I can’t live without: Red lipstick, SPF Moisturizer, heels

My personal style is unique because…it is a reflection of who I am

3 fun facts about me are…

Love to eat, can’t swim, but love the beach, Not a big fan of watching TV

5 things on my wish list are…

shoes, shoes, shoes…




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