First things first, who is Igee?

I am Igee Okafor. I am 21 years old and I am a student at St. John’s University in New York. I am a fulltime blogger on and I’m fascinated by food and well-dressed people.

Tell us a bit about how your blog came about and how long you’ve been blogging.

The idea of starting a blog was something that I came up with around my tenth grade year in high school. As far as I can remember, that was when I really took up personal style as an interest. At that time, I was in the stages of trying to individualize myself and when I would check the internet for references to give me a sense of direction, I found that the outlets for men’s fashion and men’s blogs were very limited. There was no variety in clothes, there was no identity and at the time, I just knew that I wanted to start a blog to help change that but it just remained an idea. I opened it up to the public in March 2014 and since then, it has gone through various changes for the good. The purpose of the blog is to give males across the world a sense of variety and identity because men’s fashion is exciting and it lives. I love every moment of it and I am very grateful for the people who follow and support it.

What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a fashion blogger and what are some of the future goals for your blog?

My most fulfilling achievement as a fashion blogger is my audience and the positive recognition I get from them. Also, getting sponsorship offers for the blog less than seven months of birth was amazing; that came as a very huge shock to me and I will forever be grateful for it. As for goals, I only hope the blog continues to grow in terms of variety and content to cater to the people who need it while also transforming into a high end brand that various people will appreciate.

Who are your 3 favorite African fashion bloggers and what do you love about them?

My 3 favorite African fashion bloggers are Fisayo Longe of, Denola Adepetun of and Camille Shaiyen of The one thing I adore about these bloggers is that all of them are hard workers. You can tell when someone is really into their craft when you pay attention to the quality and variety of content that they produce. They all have very different and unique styles, which is what I appreciate about all of them because they don’t model themselves after anyone else

Do you think African fashion bloggers are valued/well-recognized? What do you suggest could be changed?

I think that if you are very hardworking, focused and passionate about what you do, value and recognition will follow. The work has to be done and growth should always be the main objective.

 Describe African fashion in 3 words

Bold, eclectic and multidimensional.


What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

Everything is a challenge. Maintaining an audience, double checking writing tones, brainstorming photo shoot locations, making sure you stick to timetables for blog posts on top of your personal schedule, promoting the blog and the list goes on but from what I have observed from some bloggers, I would say that dedication is the biggest challenge.

Any word of advice to all the bloggers out there who look up to you and follow your blog?

I would say it’s not that serious. I mean obviously, blogging should be taken seriously but the process should be fun, enthusiastic and inspiring. Take a month’s break if you need to but generally, you cannot be lazy. Know your limits and stay genuine. Do not be afraid to take risks and go after what you want. This applies to clothing choices, sponsorships and alike. Do your best to stay creative and inspired because once motivation is lost, it’s over.

If you were given the chance to dine with 3 people in the world and get advice from them, whom would you pick?

Nick Wooster, Beyonce and Ryan Seacrest


My country of origin is


I love my country because

the variety in food is impeccable.

My dream vacation spot is


My biggest dream in life is

to own and be a director for my self-titled high-end men’s fashion house.

 Three fashion/beauty items I can’t live without

Beauty: Moisturizer Chapstick Hairbrush

Fashion: All black top All black bottoms All black footwear

3 Fashion blogging tips…

1)Make sure photos feature good lighting and minimal editing.

2)Outfit posts must feature variety.

3)Do not compare your blog to anyone else’s. You’re not the same people.

My personal style is unique because

you never know what you’re going to get with me. You think you know, but you have no idea.

3 fun facts about me are

1)I love musical theaters

2)Disneyworld is my favorite place in the world

3)I know the all the words to the ‘Sound of Music’ soundtrack.

5 things on my wish list are

Currently: A black turtleneck, A floral suit, A two-toned winter coat, A new pair of black sunglasses and a pop art Birkin bag.




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