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Thalia Strates is a line of luxury handbags and accessories entirely handmade in South Africa by a Capetonian woman, Thalia,  who learned the value of quality over quantity while growing up with two unique and classy grandmothers. Alongside a team with a wealth of knowledge and experience, Thalia Strates applies that knowledge coupled with a degree in fashion design from Fedisa,  to model and produce luxury leather goods that challenge perceptions of Africa’s ability to make articles of luxe, and she does this within the four walls of a small artisan factory based in Cape Town.

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Like with most successful brand owners, Thalia’s journey wasn’t a sprint. After her fashion degree, she spent the following two and a half years of her life working as a stylist, traveling, and experimenting with clothing design. She also dabbled a little in online advertising.

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In September, 2013 she went on to launch her bag and accessories brand, named after herself. Since then, the brand has grown steadily and garnered success and visibility its short existence. Recently, nailing a collaboration with Brother Vellies which was on display at New York Fashion Week.

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The brand, which is inspired by real life luxury and stripped down sophistication, gives a modern vibe but still retains femininity. The items are all classy and timeless, using natural materials which have an added advantage of becoming more beautiful as you wear it over time. And even though certain products may differ based on materials used, elements such as genuine bovine leather, water buffalo and game such as by-product springbok fur make up most of their finished products.

Today, Thalia’s focus is on building a brand that can be a symbol of quality and reliability. She aspires to produce items that people really do want to own. In order to achieve this, the manufacturing process of the Thalia Strate’s items is very transparent, and the materials used to produce the bags and accessories are ethically sourced.

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Should you find yourself craving to have this range of bags and accessories in your wardrobe, you can place an order by sending an email to Want to get a fair idea of how much they cost? Check that here.

Since Thalia Strates products are customized to suit each customer’s personal taste, you can select what color of leather you want for your bags, what hardware you want for your accessories, and also get your initials engraved on your items. Isn’t that amazing?!

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Whether you place an order now or add one to your wishlist, always remember that these would be a unique and beautiful investment worth adding to your wardrobe.


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