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Ten X Co is a unique line of handmade shoes made from scraps of vintage, hand-woven Moroccan rugs and supple leathers. The rugs used to make these shoes are diligently sourced for and bought from rug auctions, souks, Marrakech flea markets and the Atlas Mountains. Care is taken to ensure that each chosen rug is strong and colourful. No two pairs of Ten X Co shoes are the same, seeing as each rug or blanket produces one pair of shoes.

Pages from TENandCo SS2014 Lookbook high 6 (Large)

The story of Ten X Co began when designer Tory Noll visited Morocco on a work trip. Tory has always been fascinated with patterns, textiles and rugs, so it only made sense that she was drawn to the bold, multi-coloured rugs and blankets she found in the open-air marketplaces. On a whim, she had a pair of Oxfords made out of vintage Morrocan pillows she had bought in the souks. When she had the shoes made in a small cobbling shop in Marrakech, all she was thinking about was how the rugs were a fun alternative to leather.


On Tory’s return home, she was surprised to find everyone loved the idea of a pair of shoes made out of vintage Moroccan rugs. First her friends wanted a pair, and then her co-workers, and then random people on the street started to ask about them as well. Tory Noll’s job as a freelance prop stylist allowed her enough time in between projects to take on a side project. She decided she would bring these colourful shoes with unique patterns back home to Mew York on a slightly larger scale, and that was how she started Ten X Co – ‘TEN’ being her initials.


TEN X Co shoes are all handmade in small batches by a cobbler in Marrakech and combine classic shapes with the vibrant colours and patterns of North Africa. What really give these shoes their stamp of uniqueness is how effortlessly each pair combines different cultures. You have classic, westernized shoe styles like oxfords and booties combined with original Moroccan colours and patterns.

Ten X Co bag

The overall aim of TEN X Co is to create “beautiful, wearable footwear that reimagines the narrative of classical design”. True to that, Tory and her team have created several limited edition collections since they started. Collections have ranged from earthy oranges and tan suedes to hot pink with patent leather detailing.  Every shoe is unique and flaunts the eccentricities of the many hands that made it.

Ten X Co sandals

The brand has come a long way since inception, and now make not just oxfords, but also flats, sandals, booties and bags. The cut of the shoes are all simple, seeing as the rugs themselves tell very loud stories. They’re also unisex, as Tory gets requests for these shoes from men just as much as she does from women.

The shoes range from $160 to $250, can be purchased from TEN & Co. online, and ship internationally. For an extra $50, you can have a pair custom-made for you – just in case you don’t want to risk the available ones not being unique enough.


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