The Jewelry Edit for Maximalists

As we continue to cross geographical and social borders, we explore new ways to live and express ourselves. Highly celebrated in this new world are those who embrace all to its fullest extent, aren’t afraid to be different, and never seize an opportunity to make a statement. More often than not, these are maximalists.

The aesthetic of the maximalist is one which is a bold mix of creativity and craft. Jewelry is most often a visual representative of their bold nature, be it bohemian, natural, or edgy.

Totally Wearable Statement Pieces Maximalists

Adele Dejak

Adele Dejak’s jewelry is mostly inspired by ancient African art and symbolic artifacts. Adele experiments with different techniques of carving materials into astonishing statement jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Materials used to produce the bold and subtle statement designs include metals, beads and locally sourced leather. These African contemporary pieces are perfect for any maximalist; I personally favour the chokers and bracelets.

Riri Jewelry

Riri pieces are inspired by Kenyan culture and materials are sourced from different artisans to achieve interesting textures and vibrant colours. Depending on the technique being used to make the piece, the creation process may take anything from ten minutes to a couple of days; seeing as the artisans making these pieces may wire-wrap, hammer, bead, or cast the jewelry. I especially love the bold, bright neck pieces.

Oddities NG

Oddities NG may not make their rings themselves, but the pieces they sell are so wonderfully curated and eccentric they might as well have. Their rings are certain to make a statement, and are sold in limited quantities so they’re unique.Maximalists will love them because of how bold they are, and how easy they are to pair with all srts of outfits.

NyuMbani Design

Nyumbani pieces are handcrafted in Tanzania from different sections of wood,and inspired by the beauty and colours of the Swahili coast. Because the designer draws creative inspiration from architecture, Nyumbani jewelry is very structured and geometrical. The thing about these pieces is they are essentially designed to be minimal, but I feel like their uniqueness and eye-catching attributes make them perfect for the maximalist.


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Author: Coco Anetor-Sokei

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