First things first, who is Fisayo?

I’m a Fashion and Travel blogger and stylist.

Tell us a bit about how your blog came about and how long you’ve been blogging.

I’ve been blogging for almost 3 years. I wanted a place where I could document my travels and my outfits for my family and friends to read. I never thought anyone else would be interested!

What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a fashion blogger and what are some of the future goals for your blog?

My most fulfilling achievement is definitely being a source of inspiration. The emails I get from readers telling me that I inspired them to travel to a certain country or be more adventurous with their style is everything for me. I definitely want to collaborate with a lot more brands to create more exciting and more challenging content and I would like that to involve more travelling.

Who are your 3 favorite African fashion bloggers and what do you love about them?

Melissa of – I just love her and her minimalist sexy style! I also love the guys- Igee Okafor of and Denola Grey of . They are gorgeous and there’s not much better than stylish guys. There are other ladies that I think are really fabulous but you said 3 and I don’t think the guys get enough recognition so had to show them some love!

Do you think African fashion bloggers are valued/well-recognized? What do you suggest could be changed?

I think Black bloggers as a whole are not valued as much as they should be. But that is an industry wide issue more than a blogging issue. All I always say is for everyone to do their best and if your work is great, the doors can only remain shut for so long.


Describe African fashion in 3 words

Bold, Colorful, and Happy

Who are your favourite African designers?

CLAN, Deola Sagoe and Orange Culture

Have you partnered with any brands or fashion houses? If so how do you discern which brands to work with?

Yes, I’ve partnered with a lot of brands. I just always assess whether the brand suits me, my style and my audience. If it doesn’t, I can’t work with them. Also, it matters whether they approach me in a personal way or send a blanket email to a million bloggers.

What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

For me, it’s shooting photos especially in the winter when it gets dark early.

What valuable lessons have you learnt from blogging and do you blog full-time?

I don’t blog full-time. I’ve learnt that there’s always someone better than you at what you do so you’ve always got to keep working. I’ve also learnt to go with my heart and not let too many opinions influence my work.

Any word of advice for all the bloggers out there who look up to you and follow your blog?

Follow your dreams and work very hard, from a young age.


We love your travel stories.  Tell us some important life lesson you’ve learnt from traveling to different parts of the world. What’s your next travel location?

I have no idea where I’m going next but I’ve learnt that there is so much more to life than what we know. There’s so much beauty and there’s so much suffering. There’s so much more to learn and we should never stop searching for more.

Do you have any funny travel stories? If yes, tell us one

I’m sure I do but I can’t remember right now. The lady boys in Thailand are pretty funny.

Give our readers some good travel planning tips

Search for all the activities you want to do online in advance and make an itinerary, even if you don’t end up sticking to it. Use Tripadvisor and other sites to read reviews on everything from hotels to restaurants, and make informed decisions. Travel with a group like G Adventures if you have no friends to go with.

If you were given the chance to dine with 3 people in the world and get advice from them, who would you pick?

This is so tough. For people who are still alive, because you mentioned the word ‘advice’, probably Oprah Winfrey, Beyoncé and Natalie Massenet.

What inspires you most in life?

I’m inspired by so much- mentally, physically and emotionally. I guess I’m most inspired by love, and travel comes close.


My country of origin is…


My biggest dream in life is…

To inspire many people to live their best lives, including myself.

Fashion Week(s) I’ll love to attend is/are….

I’m not that crazy about fashion weeks but I would love to go to an Alexander Wang show. Also, Dolce & Gabbana, Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton and Chanel. They always seem to put on a great show.

3 Fashion blogging tips…

Your blog is only as good as the images on it, blog from the heart, don’t accept every opportunity because you feel like you just have to.




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