A look inside the new Fanm Djanm headwrap collection

I looooove me some head wraps. They come in very handy for those days when you cannot be bothered about getting that natural hair to stay or you don’t just feel like having those wigs on. Other times, it could just be an added accessory to your look, giving you the absolute chic feeling- which is why Fanm Djanm by Paola Mathe, caught my attention.

Based in Harlem, New York, Fanm Djanm produces beautiful head wraps- some of which are with African-inspired fabrics. According to an article on Buzz Feed, Fanm Djanm means Strong woman and the creative director, Paola, started this brand to empower women and remind them of their power.

Fanm Djanm has a new collection fo the season and it is themed, Summer Bloomin’.

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For more Information:

Website: http://www.fanmdjanm.com/

Instagram: @Fanmdjanm


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Author: Oma Ehiri

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