DANAI GURIRA Shows her love for African Designers in Harper’s Bazaar Feature

38 years old, DANAI is one woman to watch. As a playwright and actress, she holds accolades for the first ever Broadway play and debut, Eclipsed, to feature an all black and female director, writer and cast under her belt. Eclipsed starred Lupita Nyong’o, and earned six Tony nominations, including one for Best Play.

A native of Zimbabwe, most of Danai’s plays are rooted in Africa and particularly highlight African women. During an interview with Harper’s bazaar, she shares her purpose to create opportunities for people of African descent through her story-telling.

“It’s something I’ve constantly found shocking—all this astounding talent amongst black woman that never gets to be seen or heard.”

Accompanying her words and reflections on her journey in the industry, are images of her in African Labels pulled from various brands across the continent.

danai_gurira-african_designers_harpers_stylvo (5)

Wearing: Washington Roberts Spring/Summer 2016

danai_gurira-african_designers_harpers_stylvo (3)

Wearing: Weruzo  Spring/Summer 2016

danai_gurira-african_designers_harpers_stylvo (4)

Wearing: Kisua  Spring/Summer 2016

danai_gurira-african_designers_harpers_stylvo (2)

Wearing: Tsemaye Binitie  Spring/Summer 2016


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Read the full interview on Harper’s Bazaar


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