Check Out The Classic Man’s Key Tips to Accessorizing

The term Classic Man seems to have been made very popular by American Singer, Jidenna. According to an interview Jidenna had with Vibe, we assume that a classic man is one with some level of sophistication and judging from his looks in that video, we can tell that the classic man is dressed like a boss with so much style and is suave. We want you to check out the classic man’s key to accessorizing like Jidenna!


Stepping out of the house with no watch on your wrist is not classic at all. You can’t be checking for the time on your phone.


Having a blazer is a neccessity for any classic man. It is a timeless piece that just never goes out of style. You can decide to go with colours like black or navy blue that don’t make it look like you just lost the trousers of your suit. We recommend a visit to Mai Atafo for a perfect fit.


In selecting your belts, the only 2 things that a classic man must note is that the belt must fit and it should match his shoes. So, if the belt holes are not working your size, add more holes to make it perfect.


To create the right look, you need to be selective about your foot wear. The first set of shoes you must get are the basic colours which are black and brown. These two shoes go with just about any outfit but for a classic man, they need to be leather and high polished to go well with those suits. They may seem pricey but they last a long time.


They don’t have to be too slim or too wide. Just moderate in size and as always, the right colours are important.


From your polos to the corporate shirts, keep them fitted to your body. Choose the right colours that goes well with your skin tone, the events which you might be attending and ofcourse, your other accessories.

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