First things first, who is Brett?

I am a 25 year old designer/merchandiser in the South African clothing industry. I have a love for clothing that I could never put into words.

Tell us a bit about how came about and how long you’ve been blogging

I started my blog in 2010 when I was unemployed. I didn’t take it seriously however, until 2012. From there I started to see growth. That’s when I learnt that consistency is so important.

What has been your most fulfilling achievement as a fashion blogger and what are some of the future goals for your blog?

What I find most fulfilling as a blogger is not so much where I am going or what I get to wear; it is knowing that I am inspiring young females & women alike.

My career, blog & I are so deeply intertwined that when I think of goals, I cannot say that I have specific goal for an area; it is more collective. Right now, one of my goals is to produce my own clothing line.

Who are your 3 favorite African fashion bloggers and what do you love about them?

Crystal Kasper – She owns her mommy status & looks absolutely amazing doing it. @newhipsterstyle (Instagram),; Tariann Verburgt – I recently found her on IG & I find her so intriguing.  @survivoronstilettos (Instagram),; Carlinn Meyer – Not only does she have an awesome style, but she is the sweetest girl and she puts so much into her blog. I respect that. @Superficialgirl (Instagram), IMG_3199

Describe African fashion in 3 words

Colourful, unapologetic and fierce

What is the biggest challenge about fashion blogging?

With a market that is so saturated, one of the struggles I find is that with so many people willing to do work for free, many brands don’t believe they need to pay you to do work with them. Internationally it is a standard. Here not so much.

What valuable lessons have you learnt from blogging?

Own what you put out there

Growth & evolution is key.

Don’t let the negative vibes in

Do you blog full-time or do you have a career job or both?

While I am very much a career girl, I do also take my blog seriously and treat it like the growing business it is. It’s not easy and requires lots of prioritizing but I get things done.

What’s the blogging atmosphere like in SA? How do brands perceive bloggers?

Being in Durban, I am not exposed to many of the things bloggers in CT or Jhb are exposed to.  I hear stories of bloggers bashing each other & that’s quite sad. I guess when an industry is as saturated as blogging is, it’s the only way some bloggers feel they can stand out.

Some brands are slowly coming around & seeing the value in bloggers. We are very far from Rumi Neely or Chiara Ferragni status but hopefully one day it’ll get there.


In general, do you think African fashion bloggers are valued/well-recognized in Africa? What do you suggest could be changed?

While I couldn’t comment on Africa as a whole; I do believe that the South African blogging industry is growing. But we still have a long way to go. I think that if we are willing to learn and the more we show brands we are capable of – that in itself will change how we are valued as an industry.

Have you partnered with any brands or fashion houses? If so how do you discern which brands you choose to work with?

I am fortunate that I get to work with brands all the time. To name a few: Legit, GAP South Africa, Blackcherry Bags, Truworths etc. I don’t work with everybody that approaches me. If I relate to the brand, & I know my readers will enjoy the content then I go for it. But be sure that you will not see anything that I don’t love on my blog.

What brand(s) would you love to work with?


You have never met someone who loves them like me. I am a true fan. If they offered me a job today – I would pack my bags & move to Sweden in a second.

Any word of advice for all the bloggers out there who look up to you and follow your blog?

Don’t let anyone dictate what your blog should look like or what you should have on it. It’s about being true to your vision. Also, be consistent; it shows dedication.

How do you deal with negative comments and opinions on your blog and generally; does it sometimes affect you? 

I am fortunate that negativity is very few on my blog and social media. When I do get a dose of negativity, I don’t pay it a second thought. It’s not worth it to beat yourself up over what others say. Negativity speaks more about the person commenting than the person on the receiving end.

If you were given the chance to dine with 3 people in the world, who would you pick?

Rihanna, Diane von Furstenburg and Anna Wintour

What inspires you most in life?

The endless possibilities that lie ahead of me.


My country of origin is…

South Africa

I love my country because…

it is warm & friendly.

My Favorite Relaxation spot in SA is….

any beach in SA

My dream vacation spot is…

the Maldives

Fashion Week(s) I’ll love to attend is/are….

New York & Paris Fashion Weeks

Currently on my playlist….

Taylor Swift 1989

Three fashion/beauty items I can’t live without…

MAC Pro-longwear concealer / My GHD / Black heels

3 Fashion blogging tips…

Be true to your vision

Constructive criticism is good, but don’t let others dictate your blog.

You’re never too “big” to learn & grow as a blogger.

My personal style is unique because…

I think it’s unique because my personality is unique in many ways. I wear clothes, they don’t wear me. I like to add a little sass & attitude into my looks.

5 things on my wishlist are…


New luggage

Alexander Wang x H&M merchandise

A vacation

Rose gold headphones

Tell us 3 fun facts about Brett that people wouldn’t know of…

I am the biggest tv show addict of all time. I have a serious problem

My 3 year old niece is the only person I sing & dance for

I high-five people. A LOT.




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