What We’re Into: African Inspired Swimwear

African inspired swimwear is a thing now, and I love it. Plain swimsuits are great, but one of the reasons why I put on a bikini and go to the pool or beach is so that people can stare at me and my fabulous self. So, bold, quirky prints and interesting cuts are definitely welcome in my book.

The African inspired swimwear I’m feeling lately are from brands that have taken prints we see every other day and created interesting swim pieces. Besides the print, the cut of a piece is also what draws my attention to it, and these brands aren’t afraid to experiment.

My Favorite Brands With African Inspired Swimwear


This brand creates clothing inspired by color, shapes, and African/ethnic prints, They oride themselves in creating items that promote love of self at any size, inspires sisterhood, individuality, comfort, and lots of fierceness. What I love the most about their swimwear is the use of african print and motifs.

Andrea Iyamah

Andrea Iyamah constantly serves fierceness with her swimsuits. Whether they are flourescent themed or just simple prints, they always stand out. And, personally, I’m still not over the 2016 swimwear collection. This particular collection was very aztec themed with bold colours and cuts reminiscent of ancient egypt.


Bantu is an African produced swimwear line that makes unique pieces using traditional West African prints.Swimwear pieces from Bantu do it for me because I can actually relate to the print. Like, these are prints you usually see people making outfits with, so you know it’s familiar. As a brand, Bantu hopes to capture and represent all that is Africa through it’s swimwear.

Aya Morrison

Aya Morrison is a fashion line for the modern woman who enjoys embracing her feminity and personal style through bold prints and color. They incorporate a lot of bold, bright African print in their designs, and that’s a factor in setting their swimwear apart from others. The other thing is the cuts of the pieces.



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