10 Summer Looks from Nigerian Label, Maju

Summer is one of the best fashionable seasons and best time to show some skin. To make those fashionable statements, we have some appropriate inspirations from Maju- a women’s wear label based in Nigeria. These outfits cuts across shorts, skirts with slits, colourful wears, sheer clothings and much more.

1. The Sporty Look:


A crop top and a shirt paired with sneakers is a perfect fun look for the summer. It is the most comfortable summer look and perfect for relaxation activities like the movies, the beach or shopping in town with the girls.

2. Nelly Shorts

Nelly shorts

Loosely fitted, the Nelly shorts can be paired with any top of your choice but this vintage printed shirt makes the perfect match.


3. Jocelyn Crop Top

the jocelyn crop top

This is why we encourage you to shed some belly fat so that you can rock this summer look. The Jocelyn top catches our attention not just as a crop top but for the fringe on it. Paired with a midi or mini skirt, the top remains an excellent pick.


4. Pleated monochrome dress

pleated monochrome dress

Just like the little black dress, the little white dress is a must have in your closet for the summer. No matter the occasion, tit will never let you down. Bonus tip: Switch it up with a blazer for the board room.


5. Sleeveless Jumpsuit

sleeveless jumpsuit

Still on monochrome, we found this sleeveless black and white jumpsuit on Maju. Pait it up with solid colours and you are ready for the summer look.

6. Sasha Cullotes

the sasha cullotes

The culotte trend is not leaving us any soon as it spices things up when you need to get rid of your boring trousers.

7. Malta blouse

malta blouse

There are times when the weather is so hot and you feel like wearing absolutely nothing. On days like that, feel free to throw on the Malta blouse. Not to go over the board, it is beat to wear with a skirt over it or have it out on a leggings.

8. Cherry dress

the cherry dress

Shift dresses are make great fashion statements especially when you pick out ones with special details like the cherry dress.

9. Sika set

sika set

Summer is an absolute perfect excuse to try on patterns and matching outfits that you will otherwise not wear. With the skia set, keep the accessories as neutral as possible.

10. Mini Me Set

mini me set

A little dress such as this leaves you with lots of styling options from the heels to the flats, sneakers, belts and even paired with leggings. Find what works for you and your little one, and you are summer ready!

Which is your most favourite summer look from Maju?


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Author: Oma Ehiri

Oma Ehiri is a writer, a blogger and a media consultant. She is the online manager for a couple of brands, the media brand ambassador for VEBA, an European Textile Company and a Junior Manager with a Talent management company. Oma is inspired by life, thrilled with planning activities and loves to travel. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @oma263 and you can visit her blog, www.sotectonic.com

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