S is for Summer: The STYLVO Guide to a LIT Vacation


Sun-kissed Sizzling Summer.

Whether you’re planning to hit the beach or visit some idyllic tourist spots, there’s no denying the thrill that comes with a summer vacation. Here at STYLVO, we’ve got just the right tips to make your staycation lit!

First up

Information is key! Know all you can about the the place you’re going to. Research online and find out a bit about the norms and culture of wherever it is you’re planning to visit.

Pack the necessary essentials. You know, those things which will just make your life easier while on vacation. For me, I never forget to travel with a travel adaptor for charging phones and tabs, because you might check into your hotel and see that your charger doesn’t quite fit with the sockets available.


Have a Plan B for the days you feel like staying in. You might not feel like going out every day of your vacation, so instead of being bored in your room flipping through channels, you might want to take a book or a board game with you on your trip or whatever it is you like doing in your spare time.

The right kind of clothing.  You do not want to show up to a place with a suitcase packed full with the wrong kind of clothing. Research on what is acceptable clothing in whatever parts you plan to visit. For example, when visiting some parts of the UAE, you know modest clothing is required.

Budget.  It’s easy to throw caution to the wind and over spend while on holiday.  Plan how much you need to spend while away because after your staycation, after all the excitement has fizzled off, your account might not be looking too friendly.

Think about it, do you really need that slightly overpriced souvenir?

Stay safe and keep to open places. We’ve heard stories of vacations gone wrong plenty of times. In order to stay safe, keep to well-known places, do not invite strangers back to your room and do not stay out late especially when you’re are vacationing alone.

Plan to have fun. Ah! Yes, fun. What’s a vacation without fun? Plan to engage in as many activities as possible as your budget will allow, keep to scheduled tour times so you don’t miss out. Keep your worries aside and do not forget to let your hair down while on vacation.


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Author: Elohor Omonemu

Elohor does not view writing as a job, but purely as an expressive art form. She writes when mere spoken words fail to convey what she’s thinking. She has a little writing experience from blogging, occasionally contributing for Bella Naija and a brief internship with OK! Nigeria and The Style HQ. She absolutely enjoys traveling and learning new cultures. She blogs at www.elohoromonemu.wordpress.com

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