Aina Fadina Wears: Washington Roberts, Comfort Meets Style


As a Nigerian-born New Yorker, Aina Fadina is tenacious. She’s also incredibly stylish, and like many Africans in diaspora, she’s passionate about sharing the stories of contemporary achievers stemming from the continent.

She wears different hats of Model, Entrepreneur, Creative director, Executive Producer, and Host of “I OF AFRICA”, a necessary platform that celebrates entrepreneurs, business leaders, creativity, diversity and the overall essence of Africa through stories.

When it comes to matters of style or the art of dressing, you can count on her 11-year experience in the business of fashion and time as an in-house muse to inform her outfit choices.

A few weeks ago, we spotted her in a two-piece from Washington Roberts’ Spring/Summer 2016, which was first unveiled at the Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week last October. The geometric print skirt and cold-shouldered jacquard top was offset with a pair of boyish brogues, resulting in a classic comfort-meets-style look.



We reached out to her to share the thought process that informed her styling choice, and what she loves about the pieces .

I tend to pick brands that reflect the African narrative in the global context.

When it comes to fashion, Aina places priority in what looks good for her frame and what speaks to her each day.

After so many years as an in-house muse, comfort and confidence is essentials.”

She picks her outfits based on the activities of the day. Outfits that can transition easily from day to night or casual to business casual.

“Running around NYC in heels all day can be a struggle, so when it comes to shoes, I look for comfort. I always have a pair of heels on me, because you never know when an occasions calls for heels.”

Inspired by her travels around the world, music, fashion, architecture, and art, she often turns to brands that show the essence of who she is as a consumer of fashion and someone that has been in the business for over 11 years.


Aina Fadina

When it comes to the Washington Roberts outfit, I wanted an outfit that reflected the location of where I was shooting. Also, Marcus Samuelson is someone that is fashionable, I felt that the outfit best reflected the mood and feel of the location and personality of Marcus.

Head down to to see all the pieces from his Kintinkantan Spring/Summer 2016 collection which explored graphic and geometric shapes Using the Adinkra Symbol and translating its elements into wearerbility for today’s woman, while working in collaboration with Italian fabric weavers.

Connect with Aina Fadina on Instagram, @ainafadina and stay up to date with her project on YouTube




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