The Skin Care Guide From Five African Beauty Bloggers

Has your skin been feeling a little dull or less illuminous? or do you feel like you need to switch your skin care routine up a notch? What ever the case may be just know that you can always rely on the tested and tried opinion of these beauty bloggers who have taken out time to review certain skin care brands we may  consider for purchase. These African beauty bloggers are generous enough to share with us their skin care routine and all we can do is take notes and see if some of the steps will work for us. Here are a list of Five African beauty bloggers who share their secrets.



Joy Kendi

JK as her initials states is a popular Kenyan Style, beauty and lifestyle blogger who shares her experiences through her impeccable style, quirky youtube videos, beauty tutorials and interesting vacation spots. I mean her blog is interesting! All I can do is sip tea watch and learn. Her skin care routine is pretty simple as you know she does have flawless skin and knows what works for her.

For JK’s morning routine she says;

1) I wash my face with L’OREAL PARIS, Skin Perfection purifying gel wash and an exfoliating glove.

2) With a clean face, I will then tone and cleanse my skin with Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Toner.

3) Lastly, I will moisturize my skin with Bio Oil. Great for dry skin, uneven skin tone and scars.

Night Routine:

I will repeat the same routine as my morning but this time I will not use the exfoliating glove. Just the face wash.

All products are available in most Nakumatt Super Markets.Get more beauty tips from Justjoykendi




EZ is a Nigerian beauty blogger of the blog “beauty in Lagos”. EZ takes us through an in-depth review of all her beauty experiences in the city of Lagos. Sharing with us the best beauty salons, spas, nail bars and everything beauty related that other women tend to keep a secret or rather not share. EZ really exposes such and literally lets the cat out of the bag when it comes to beauty. That’s why her blog is so popular and she’s reached over a million blog views J

Although her skin care routine is very detailed show casing an array of different products, one thing she clings to are her baby oil/ wipes for pre-cleansing the skin.

“For my first cleanse I use Baby-oil and Baby-wipes. “Why Baby products?” you ask, because I personally believe anything formulated for a baby’s skin will be mild enough to work for even the most sensitive of adult’s skin. The wipes pictured above, are the absolute best art getting the job done, they are much thicker than regular wipes and very ‘wet’, so just glide smoothly over the skin without tugging. I literally only need one wipe for my entire face.”

For more on her skin care routine see BeautyinLagos


Dodos Uvieghara


Dodos who is also the owner of the blog iamdodos is a popular Nigerian beautyblogger, Makeup artist and style blogger. In fact she is a beauty entrepreneur and if you’re looking for expert opinions on certain beauty questions she is definetly one to reach.  She takes pride in her skin and uses a whole lot of products that are easily accessible and most are drug store products. Down below is a short video showing a step by step process on how she goes about her routine.


Aisha Baker Parnell

Aisha Baker

Author of the blog  “Baked the blog” is an awesome South African fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who we are totally obsessed with because her feed is both captivating and inspiring at the same time.

She shares with us a step by step skin care routine on how she is able to take care of  her sensitive skin and what products she is currently using.

Baked the blog skin care products

Watch video here

Sharon MundiaThis-Is-Ess-Skin-Care-Tips-9

Sharon Mundia is another fantastic Kenyan blogger who is also one to watch. She’s the fashion and beauty blogger behind the blog This is Ess where she shares her personal style, beauty tips and bits and pieces of her life that are set to inspire African women. Sharon says

“What I’ve come to realize is that fashion isn’t just about being trendy and cute, it’s about expressing your character, building your confidence and ultimately celebrating yourself. Each morning you wake up with a blank canvas and just like an artist, you choose to paint a picture of yourself that you then share with the world. My hope for my blog is to inspire women around Africa to be the best damn artists they could possibly be”.

Her night time skin care routine involves Wiping her makeup off with baby wipes and then Washing her face with a cleanser from Elizabeth Arden skin illuminating cleanser , After which she uses a gentle scrub from Neutrogena(the oil-free acne gentle foaming scrub)

She follows the wash with using a toner to make sure every strip of makeup is off her skin (Garnier softening toner with cherry tea extracts)

She goes in with a charcoal mask from Origins(its clear improvement active charcoal mask) which helps to extract all the impurities embedded underneath your skin. After she rinses off the mask she uses a natural oil from the body shop to moisturize her skin.

Health aid tea tree pure essential oil is  what she adds on to her skin with a cotton board when she feels like shes beginning to develop some spots. The Lucas Pawpaw treatment is a lip balm to add moisture to her lips.The Giorgio Armani Si is to moisturize her hands and she then caps her skin care routine with a nice cup of green tea.


Get more beauty from Thisisess


What is your skincare routine like? What products are your ultimate must-haves? We’ll love to know.
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