A Stylvo Guide to Shopping the Basics for your Makeup Kit

Due to the kind of job that I do, I get to attend a number of red carpet events. The kind of events where the cameras come out in their numbers and you want to be caught with brows that fleek or lips that pop. To do that, I get to spend between 5,000 to 7,000 Naira to get my makeup done. In some cases, I have to struggle with the makeup especially when I get assigned to attend the event at a very short notice.

In order to save some money and also be ready at all times, I decided to enrol for a DIY Makeup class with Makeup by Ashabee, where I got to learn the techniques required to get my makeup done as well as the  tools and products for my makeup kit. However, in this post, I will be revealing just the basic items that you need for your makeup kit

What are the basics?




Every time that I apply my makeup, I have always wondered what the Makeup artiste was doing very differently that I wasn’t doing, even using some of the products that I get to see them use. During the DIY class, I realised that the start to a great makeup is the kind of brush set that you own. There are different types and they do very different things and must be used for the purpose for which it was set for to achieve the look that you desire. So, the first major investment that you need to make for your makeup kit is to shop a good makeup brush. One African brand which I have seen the MUA use is by BM Pro.

Brow Pencil:

brow pencil


The era of using dark shaded pencils on the African skin is long gone and should be forgotten. Shop some beautiful brown brow pencils from Zaron Cosmetics or House of Tara.





I used to think that I didn’t need a concealer because I always thought it was just to do some serious coverage to scars that you have on your face from acne or black spots but now I know that I need the concealer to define the brows, for the under eyes after applying my eye makeup and to highlight.


Liquid foundation:

liquid foundation


This is another multi-purpose makeup item as I got to discover. The liquid foundation is used for the eyelids before applying the powder to get that part of the eyes to blend like the rest of the makeup and to set the eye shadow primer of you are looking to use eye shadow. She also taught me to use it to define the lips and clean up the excesses after applying my lip makeup. It is also applied to the face before the face powder.


Face Powder:

face powder


I have just mentioned one of the uses of the face powder above asides from using it on the face after the entire makeup. Investing in a good one should also depend on your skin type. If you do have oily skin, stay away from powders that cause you to shine. This is where you need to discuss with a skin specialist and know the type of skin that you have.


Beauty Blender:

beauty blender


This is one item that has come to save the lives of many ladies when it comes to blending. However, there is a right technique to using it in order to get the very best out of it.


Eye pencil:

eye pencil


This would have been a kajal but black pencils have come back. This time, not for the brows but for the inner eyes. They serve as the kajal and then you can use them for  your upper lids as well to line that part and get those cat eyes that you may desire.





You may never wear false lashes but when you have a good mascara like the one from Maybelline or Black Up Paris, your lashes will pop and have some volume.


Lip sticks or stains:



We have a plethora of them from glossy to creamy, velvetine and matte depending on your choice.


Face Primer:

face primer


This is not just another makeup essential but a makeup essential. It is the foundation of the makeup before the foundation comes on. You need to have a face primer that deters the production of excessive oil when you are going for events.

Tip: You do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase the best makeup items. There are a number of drug store essentials that you can ask your Makeup Artist to recommend for you.



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Author: Oma Ehiri

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