5 Skin Habits that Need to Stop

Your skin should be your pride and joy. There is a certain confidence that comes with having good skin. For those of us who have steady skin regimens that give great results to our skin –well congrats and cheers to you.

For others that are still struggling or nothing just seems to work well all I can say is take heart, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Although I may not be able to give you tips as to what can help your skin improve, I can on the other hand give you tips on what not to do to your skin or habits that are considered bad for your skin.


Skin sin #1 Popping your Pimples!

Eww didn’t your mum ever tell you that it’s bad to pop your zits, although it’s tempting it is not the best way of handling the problem.

Popping your pimples only helps to spread the bacteria deeper into the skin which can cause inflammation. You can use treatments that will dry it out(I’ve used tooth paste before and it worked not saying you should try that)  you can use products that contain benzoyl peroxide. If that doesn’t work you can schedule an appointment with your dermatologist.


Skin sin #2 Sleeping at night without washing your face

Sleeping without washing your face is an enormous skin taboo, please refrain if your guilty. I know sometimes we may have had long days but the ripple effect of an unwashed makeup full/oily/dirty face are clogged pores, dull skin, acne  etc.

No one wants all that baggage, the goal is flawless skin! In order to have flawless skin we must endeavour to wash our faces before bed. The importance is, as our bodies lay to rest, the temperature rises slightly and absorbs all the nutrients you put on your face. Now you wouldn’t want your skin to absorb a whole day’s dirt and oil would you? I’m guessing not.


Skin sin #3 Not using SPF 30 on your face everyday

You shouldn’t skip a day without wearing sunscreen. The benefits of sunscreen are just too enormous to ignore such as prevention of dark/brown spots, blotchiness, skin discoloration, facial red veins and even the obvious which is sun burn. If you do not have any skin care regimen at all! Make wearing sunscreen an essential one.


Skin Sin #4 Using dirty makeup brushes

Bacteria can easily build up in our brushes if left unwashed which can lead to pimples or other bacterial infections that can run deep into our pores. Taking out five minutes every week to wash our brushes with a gentle shampoo will go a long way in preventing bad skin infections.


Skin Sin #5 Over Exfoliating


“Too much of a good thing can end up being a bad thing” as the saying goes. Although it’s good to wash your face daily, it is however not good to exfoliate your skin every single day because it leave your skin dry, irritated and damaged.

Naturally the skin sheds and removes dead cells, when you over exfoliate you strip your skin off of its protective barrier which can lead to dehydrated and inflamed skin. Signs such as; redness, irritation, tightness, excessive dryness/dry patches, flaking skin, uncomfortable stinging that persists and burning sensation are all signs that you may be over exfoliating.


Which of this skin sins have you been committing? are you ready to give them up?


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Author: Yingi

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