Simple Daily Routines to a Better and More Nourished Skin

Many of us are particularly obsessed about our skin and I mean both men and women alike. No one likes the acne that pops its head out or the black heads that it leaves behind. Even when that doesn’t happen, everyone wants a shiny, owy skin which is only possible when your skin is well taken care of and properly nourished.For that to happen, we decided to share some of our simple daily routines that leads to a better skin.


At the start of the day, we cleanse with a skin friendly body wash or soap. I use Olay shower gel but you need to find what truly work for your skin type. Avoid using harsh washes particularly for your face which is why some people have a different facial wash. Cassie Daves uses Neutrogena facial wash.


Right after you cleanse your face, you need a toner which helps to completely get rid of the impurities, I used to use the Olay toner for combination skin but switched to L’oreal Age Perfect. Though it is said to be for mature skin, I use it because it helps to reduce signs of fatigue. I have an extremely busy schedule which gets me up early and I retire late. It also contains Vitamin C which is known for its great skin energising properties.


I have opted for Olay body lotion which contains Vitamins E and B3.It also has a shimer which I like for the glow in the sun. For my face, I use L’oreal age perfect which is a restoring serum. However, I think that one with a SPF would be a better choice and Meza Mtshali uses Neutrogena Daily Moisturiser.

After the day’s activities, you need to cleanse your face properly to get rid of the makeup so that you do not clog your pores. You can get some tips from Sharon Mundia’s Night time routine.

What are some of the African skin care products that you subscribe to and where can it be purchased.

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Author: Oma Ehiri

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