Noble Igwe Shares Products for a Healthy Beard

Beard gang is a lifestyle that has been embraced by a number of men and has become one of those trends that has come to stay. Style influencer, Noble Igwe, Founder of 360 Nobs,



Noble is one of those who know how to groom the beard, making it looking pretty attractive for anyone who may be considering to embrace the trend. He took to his Instagram page last month to share 5 products which he uses to keep his beard healthy.


Just like the hair on the head needs to be washed, same applies for the facial hair. However, you are advised to use something that isn’t as harsh to prevent damage to the facial skin. After doing our research, we also discovered, it is not advisable to use the shampoo for the hair on your head as this beards shampoo was specifically formulated for the facial hair. While some make this a part of their regular morning routine, you can decide to use it a few times a week.


This is used after the washing with shampoo as a moisturiser.


This helps to lock in the moisture, keeping the beard hydrated.


While the body naturally produces oils that keeps the beard healthy, it may not be sufficient to prevent dryness which could lead to itchiness.


This is almost similar to the oil but best for men with thicker and longer beards. it also helps to align the beards because of its sticky nature.


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