All You Need for A Perfect DIY Manicure

When you see nails done by Ezinne Alfa of Beauty in Lagos, you cannot but want to get a manicure done almost immediately. Interestingly, she gets to do most of her manicure herself and they come out so flawlessly done from the shape of the nails to the coating of the polish. I order to help you get your manicure done at home, here are all the tools that you will need and possible places where you can shop them.

Nail Polish remover

nail polish remover

Usually, we use this to get rid of the old nail polish. However, we have come to find out that, whether or not you have a coat on, you need to clean with the nail to get rid of the oil. We recommend that you get one that is acetone free and we found one from Girly essentials for 450 Naira.

Cotton wool

cotton wool

The same cotton wool that you use to apply your facial cleansers and toners will do just fine. We love to shop the big size one so that it lasts for a long time. A trip to shop rite could get you one but if you would rather shop online, check out the cotton pleats by Pretty on Jumia.

Manicure set

manicure set

This should contain the clippers, the nail file, cuticle remover, cuticle trimmer and so much more. We found one on Konga that would do. You can also shop these items individually like the buffer and the nail file.

Base coat


This is very important to protect your nails even from the coloured polish. If your nails are brittle, you need to use a base coat that strengthens the nails and protects it. Chaurme Beauty has a few in stock.

Nail polish

nail polish

This depends on what color that you want. We have a few that we love from Vane Polish.

Tip: Always apply 2 coats of your nail polish.

Top coat


We love the fast dry top coats because we are always on the move and can’t sit for so long waiting for the nails to dry.

What is your best nail product?

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Author: Oma Ehiri

Oma Ehiri is a writer, a blogger and a media consultant. She is the online manager for a couple of brands, the media brand ambassador for VEBA, an European Textile Company and a Junior Manager with a Talent management company. Oma is inspired by life, thrilled with planning activities and loves to travel. Follow her on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter @oma263 and you can visit her blog,