Going Nude? Here’s What Nigerian Beauty Brands Have To Offer

Nude looks are becoming more and more popular in the beauty sphere. Scrolling through my timeline, I come across at least ten from different bloggers and makeup artists. It’s no surprise though, as embracing natural beauty is becoming an even bigger thing than it was a few years ago. What better way to show off your natural features than with nude makeup?

If you’re thinking about experimenting with nude looks too, here are a few products Nigerian beauty brands have to offer.


I could very easily assume you’re already going to use foundation and powder that matches your skin tone, but let’s not take that risk. The following products all come in a range of colors that match every skin tone.

Zaron Face Palette

The Zaron Face palette contains 12 blendable oil free foundation and compact powder shades. It’s awesome because it really covers every skin tone. So, if you’re looking for the perfect base for your nude makeup, chances are you’ll find a friend in this palette.

Zaron Face Palette, Nigerian Beauty Brands

Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder Palette

This palette is almost like the Zaron one, but I think it caters more to the darker skin tones in terms of nude offerings. However, if you’re light skin and going for a glowy nude look, this could work very well too.

Kuddy Cosmetics HD Powder Palette, Nigerian Beauty Brands

BM Pro HD Foundation

The BM Pro HD foundation comes in six different shades, providing full coverage for all skin tones. Yet another great base for a nude look. You can then use a slightly lighter shade for contour and highlights if you want to.

BM Pro HD Foundation, Nigerian Beauty Brands

Pibón Mineral Powder Foundation

Pibona isn’t a particularly popular beauty brand, but this foundation gives a smooth, powdery finish and is easy on application. It also comes in four different shades and has SPF protection.

Pibona Mineral Powder Foundation


Pibona Trio Eyeshadow Palette

Pibona features on our list again with this super amazing eyeshadow mini palette. Again, the different skin tones are represented as best as they can in these three shades.

pibona Trio eyeshadow palette

House Of Tara Eyeshadow Palette 1

House of Tara has quite a number of palette offerings, but this one comes closest to a nude palette that caters to every skin tone.

House of Tara Eye Shadow Palette 1

Sleek Palettes

I’m not going to lie – Sleek wins the eyeshadow palette department. There are so many to choose from, I had to select two for the nude look.

i-Quad Eyeshadow & Eye Liner in Moroccan Myrrh

This palette is a combination of three silky eyeshadows and a highly-pigmented gel eyeliner. You can use it to create really subtle or dramatic nude looks – either as the base or as a stand alone eyeshadow.

sleek i-quad eyeshadow and eye liner in moroccan myrrh

i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette In A New Day

Another great palette by Sleek featuring soft nudes, subtle golds and warm peach for creating all sorts of nude eye looks. There are both matte and shimmer shadows  that can be used alone or combined to create multiple looks.

sleek i-divine palette in a new day


Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Palette in Ballet

Once again, Sleek comes through with a super convenient palette for nude lips. Lip4 is a colour rich lipstick quad designed to suit all skin tones, with different finishes including matte, gloss and satin.The Ballet quad in particular, I feel is better suited for nude lips on darker skin tones.

Sleek Lip4 Lipstick Quad in Ballet

Kayge Cosmetics Lipsticks

Kayge cosmetics specializes in lipsticks, lip glosses and lip stains, and they do an amazing job of it. They have such a wide range of lip products, it was really difficult to settle on just these three for a nude lip look.

Prestige Total Matte Lip Crayons

I always favour lip crayons and pens over lipsticks because they are generally easier to apply. The Prestige total matte lip crayons are very pigmented, creamy, and very matte. These three shades should work well for nude looks depending on your skin tone.


Complement your nude face with a gorgeous nude manicure.

The Vane Nude Collection

This collection consists of Vane’s Luxury Nude Colors; Jump the broom, La Vida Loca, Pretty Posh and Coco Locha. All of them are perfect for a nude look on various skin tones.

The Vane Nude Collection



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