DIY Tropical Hair Cocktail

Yes! You read right! A special cocktail for your locks! **warning: Do not ingest after use!**

In this economy, it’s tough to have to invest in beauty products and even worse, sometimes your products run out when you’re using them! It’s so nice knowing that you can whip you an amazing natural deep conditioner at the flip of a button while you’re whipping up your favourite smoothie! Yum!

Now, I promise that this recipe is quick, painless and smell DELICIOUS!

Here’s what you’ll need and WHY-

4 small pineapple squares ( 1 slice)- pineapples are chucked full of vitamin C that isn’t just grand for your skin but works wonders preventing hair loss and strengthening your hair follicles! Pop them into the blender!

4 mango chunks– Don’t you look a good mango? the softer the better in this case! Mangoes are the PERFECT cleanser, for both your skin and your hair. It prevents grey hairs (yay?), hair loss and helps you treat that itchy scalp. Put that into the blender too!

Half a banana– This is for shine and strength! keep a piece for yourself, if you want 🙂

1/4 cup of soya milk– extra yum! Soya milk is amazing for strengthening your hair shafts and repairs those pesky split ends! Put some in

1 table spoon of aloe vera gel/juice– this liquid wonder has enzymes that repair the cells in your scalp and help your scalp stay extra healthy!It also retains bucket loads of moisture.

1 tablespoon of coconut oil- Not just because coconut is a SUPER OIL! I’ve made at least two posts on the benefits of coconut oil! Check them out on my site by clicking HERE and HERE. It’s the perfect conditioner so put in in!

A few drops of tea tree oil– Tea tree oil has so many benefits! It cleanses hair,stimulates growth, clears dandruff, its just…flawless!

Now it’s time to mix it all together in a blender and apply generously from your scalp to the tips of your hair and leave your hair in a shower cap or a polythene bag for at least 30 minutes and your hair i ready for a hair-tactular week, clean, bouncy and refreshed! Oh, and it’ll smell so good as well!

This is Brownie, your resident beauty blogger signing out!

Want more amazing DIYs to help you save some money? Check out my website HERE and my youtube channel HERE

Be Better!



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