Africa Inspired Hair Styles at the BET Awards

The BET Awards isn’t all about the performances and the awards but also the styles, the looks and the hair. This year, we spotted some celebrities that we love, with African Inspired hairstyles- from locs to braids, they looked absolutely gorgeous, rocking the trend so well. They are:

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union


Just before the BET Awards, the star took to her Instagram page to say, ‘when in doubt, twist it out’. She is right as braided hair or twists are one of the easiest looks that you can style in a plethora of ways. Adding the silver beads to hers was all the sophistication she needed while wearing the hair loosely to one side.Using her words, “Twisted Sistah, we are loving your senegalese twists’.

Danielle Mone Truitt

Danielle Mone Truitt


Danielle’s look is more of a braided updo which can be achieved with kinky extensions. Just like she said, ‘Her hairstylist kept her popping with this natural hairstyle’. It seems perfect to have an updo when the weather is hot.

Tasha Smith



Tasha has been rocking these braids for quite sometime now and each time we spot her on the red carpet, she has a different way to style the look- embracing its versatility. Just to mention, tasha’s hair wasn’t the only thing African about her at the BET Awards, her jumpsuit too.

Eva Marcille



Her grey eyes were not the only thing that caught my attention this time with the brown locs she got on. We like that the hairstylist left the tips undone and curled.

Megan Good



Megan, Eva and Tasha all have one thing in common with their hair and it is that they dhare the same hair stylist, Dr Kari Williams. Though similar to Eva’s, Megan’s look was indeed different as the hairstylist pointed out, ‘setting new trends with a new hairstyle’. Megan had one side of her slicked down while the locs was on the other side of the part. Not only that, it was half finished with bouncy curls at the tips.




Whatever hairstyle Beyonce wears, she can sure do no wrong in the eyes of many. At the BET Awards, there was no reason to see wrong with the half done corn rowsand the curls at the tips, Beyonce was in formation!

Yemi Alade



Very different from all the looks but truly Africa, we spotted Mama Africa herself in Bantu Knots for the BET Awards.

It looks like we will be seeing more African inspired looks on the red carpet especially as the Africa Fashion week Nigeria is set to kick off this weekend.



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Author: Oma Ehiri

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