A Must-Do or Nah: Have You tried the Pre-poo for Natural Hair?

You know how somewhat difficult Wash days can be… sometimes for me, the thought is mentally draining until I actually start the process, then I remember how enjoyable the process actually is!

Source : The Internet
Source : The Internet

Doing a pre-poo comes in quite handy, especially when you want an easy, stress-free wash day and can cut washday time down. Not assuming everyone knows what this is all about, so I’m just gonna try breaking it down in understandable pieces(I hope!).

The process of pre-pooing may sometimes sound complicated when in fact it’s very simple and straight forward, you’ll be surprised!  few years back, I had felt the same way, so don’t worry you’ll soon get a grip of it, promise…

What does it mean to pre-poo?


Pre-poo (abbreviation. pre shampoo). It’s the way of applying conditioning treatment to the hair prior to shampooing; to prep the hair for wash process. Due to the manipulation process involved during washday, pre-poo helps in protecting hair cuticle layer by conditioning the hair to prevent damage during all the manipulation begins.

What can I use to pre-poo?

Products that can be used for pre-poo range from water-based conditioners, humectants such as honey to oils. You can buy these products in the store or make a DIY from what you find at home if you’ll prefer to avoid some ingredients in products. Cheap water-based conditioners can be used like V05 for the process. Oils such as Olive, Coconut, peppermint are great for pre-poo.

Like every other hair product choice process, you’ll have to factor in your hair needs, type and preference when choosing products for pre-poo. For me, I would rather skip honey in my DIY cos it tends to harden my hair and thus defeat the aim. Have you figured out what your hair doesn’t like yet?

How does this help my hair?

You must be wondering what difference applying some products that would be washed off after a few minutes can possibly make; Pre-poo has lot of benefits to hair, not only does it protect and condition the cuticle layer for all the manipulation that goes on during Wash day, it also prevents the stripping of natural oils by shampoo(mostly if you use sulfate shampoos).

It softens hair and makes it easier for detangling as the conditioning treatment adds slip to the hair and makes the curls easier to separate. You’ll experience less breakage and shedding during and after washing. It nourishes scalp, protects fragile ends, adds moisture and hydration retention to hair.

You’ll also experience more defined curls during styling due to the amount of moisture the hair would maintain. So if you love to do twist outs, bantu knots or braid outs, be sure to pre-poo! It also protects hair from heat damage, if you create a pre-poo with products to suit that purpose. It restores health to dry hair, making your hair less frizzy.

How Do I Prepoo?

This can be done in 5 easy steps: 

Choose–> Section/Detangle–> Apply–> Cover–> Rinse

Choose: You have to make a choice- decide what products(oils or conditioners or DIY mix ) you’re gonna use.

Section: section hair into parts  (as many as you’re comfortable with) while detangling. Using a conditioner will give the hair slip and make the process easier.

Source: www.iamknottteebynature.com
Source: www.iamknottteebynature.com

Apply: You would need to apply the product/mix on each side, covering the entire mane.


Source: Internet
Source: Internet

Cover: Afterwards, cover hair with plastic cap/bag for 25minutes or more(don’t forget you can do your chores or read a book or cater for you or your family in between, during this wait)


nh rinse

Rinse: Finally, you’ll need to rinse it off with warm water and proceed to shampooing/ deep conditioning/cowashing etc.


Have you tried pre-pooing before? Please share your thoughts on how helpful (or not) the process was.


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