The 5 Natural Hair Hacks Every Natural Needs to Know

Not everyone can afford a personal hairstylist but every lady deserves her hair to look like a million bucks each time she steps out. To make that happen, we have a few Natural hair hacks for the fashion as advised by Cynthykay Obi in her video 14 Natural Hair Hacks Everyone Should Know.

#1 Value your Elastic bands!

Elastic bands come super handy. Whether its to section to section and detangle your hair for wash days or to quickly tie up your hair away from your face, youre going to need an elastic band. The thing is, its So easy to lose them. Keep an elastic band on your keychain bunch or doorknob, you’ll always have one close by!

#2 Lay Those Edges!

Get your edges to lay down by first applying water, then use a brush to apply a styling gel over it after which you tie the hair down with a scarf for a few minutes.

#3 Moisture!

African hair has the tendency to go dry easily. To avoid the dryness, mix water and castor oil in a small bottle and keep with you in your handbag or desk that way you alway have around when your curls needs that extra spray of hydration.

#4 Shun Shrinkage!

No Shrinkage! And especially no heat (when necessary). This African style of hair threading is an alternative to twisting or braiding your hair. Section off hair, then us taunt African thread (as for it at your local beauty supply store!)Should you desire to stretch your hair without the use of heat, use African thread to plait the hair over-night.This method actually stretches out your coils making it much easier to manage and manipulate the morning of.

#5 Keep a Bobby-pin (or two) close by!

Who doesn’t love the twist out hairstyle! We think this is every naturals default do. The only issue sometimes is making sure your twists fall in the direction you want. Use a bobby pins to hold your twists down when wet. Once dry, remove the pins and wa-la! your twists stay in the directions you’ve set them!

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