5 Gorgeous Makeup Looks Worth Checking From My Instagram Feed

Barely There

I’m a sucker for this look on ebony beauties and just love to see when someone pulls it off. My favourite thing about this picture is how they subtly draw attention to the eyes with a pop of colour. And the minimal blush is a nice touch as well.

Doll Face

I love this look because it’s soft and playful. I like that the smokey eye is exaggerated and that they went with a more doe-eyed look. The ombre pout is beyond gorgeous, and the hair is a nice touch too.

Bold & Regal

This look is so powerful. I can’t even find the right words to explain it exactly. It’s bold and elegant at the same time. I like this look because while the focus is on the lips, you are still drawn to the eyes. The lashes do most of the work, but the soft pink shadow and sharp wing are great accents.

Understated Glam

This is a gorgeous look for when you want to go out, but don’t want to do something too overstated. Shimmery eyes are always, good for a glam look, but the understated highlights are what really give this look its softer edge. Also, anyone who can pull of orange lipstick is a winner in my book.

Avant Garde

Avant Garde looks generally shoot to be different from the every day ones, but there’s so much about this one. It’s bold, fierce, incredibly detailed and carries so much emotion. I especially love the white eyeliner and the contrast of the plum lips.


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Author: Coco Anetor-Sokei

Albino. Love Child of Ribena and Candy. Inner Beauty Advocate. Mother of an Awesome Female. Lover and Student of Life and Love. Curious. Happy Chaser. Hobby Junkie. Sugar Fiend. Founder - The Albimazing Network